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Break Services
Front Break Pads                  $125.00Front Rotors                  $325.00
Rear Break Pads                  $125.00Rear Rotors                   $325.00
Both Front / Rear Pads       $199.00Front / Rear Rotors      $499.00
----------------------------------CURRENT BREAK SERVICE SPECIALS!----------------------------------
Front Break Pads and Front Rotors                $249.00
Rear Break Pads and Rear Rotors                  $249.00
Both Break Pads and Both Rotors                  $425.00

Other Services
Tire Rotation and Inspection
Vehicle Inspection$59.00
Windshield Wiper Replacement$69.00
Air Filter Replacement$95.00
Battery Replacement$199.00
-Dodge Journey Battery$249.00